Verus is a community led project with no ICO, no premine, no VC funding with a fair launch. The features of Verus include VerusID, Verus Vault & Public Blockchain as a Service (PBaaS).

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I have never sold a single #Verus $VRSC.

I know what I hold…and what’s coming soon. @VerusCoin

A great post by @Lyn on the #Verus discord when asked about building a game on $VRSC.

Why settle for a token when an individual dAPP could have its very own blockchain…or several.


@scotu @Godballz1 @csuwildcat @arcalinea @loishh DID say these properties are the core tech, but they are suffocated by EVM. ID's have all these and 10+ more features. e.g. private key loss solution, a wallet address, a blockchain ID, ZK, a marketplace built in the blockchain!!!…

We are extremely pleased to list VRSC/USDT!

For convenient transfer from Verus Mobile!

$VRSC #Verus $USDT #Safetrade
@VerusCoin @VerusCommunity

@Twitter limits me to 30 second videos, thankfully Verus Vault is so easy to use, it doesn't take long to explain. Wonderful tech in the #crypto space, & only a small piece to the overall brilliance of this #cryptocurrency project. #nft L1 #defi $VRSC

@csuwildcat @udiWertheimer even better look here the non-VC-funded no-ico no-premine fair-launch community-driven @VerusCoin tech:

ID & NFT far beyond imagination - VerusID is both decentralized ID and NFT at once

read some recent news about it here:…

@Gizmodo @Kickstarter, All the best. If you want a working solution now, talk to us. Verus has enabled crowdfunding launches with auto-refunds on the public testnet for over a year. You can get the Verus wallet and try it today. Verus is a rent-free protocol.

Truly decentralized platforms do not come from VC investments. VC investing is all about sustainable, asymmetric advantage. Platforms that use these tactics are antitheses of decentralization. Build Switzerlands on truly decentralized platforms, not masquerading rent-seekers.…

Censorship resistance is a cornerstone of decentralized systems.

@dfinity 's Internet computer is learning it the hard way.

Its smart contracts (called canisters) can apparently be removed by on-chain governance.

A heated debate going on the forums rn:…

Projects led by CEOs and VCs who frontrun and dump on their user base, infrastructure requiring expensive hardware and AWS hosting. Definitely neither decentralized nor fair. Join the #Verus community today and see for yourself that DeFi can be achieved. $VRSC…

Time to retire "decentralized finance". We aren't decentralized, the old guard will keep trying to use it as their "attack" vector. "Open finance" or "web3 finance" is probably most accurate.

We have brought these things using real Nakamoto consensus to Verus, some like the new VerusID and NFT P2P protocol on mainnet now, and the rest fully functional on our ETH-bridged public testnet, with rug-free, anti-MEV AMMs, fractal chain launches, Kickstarter-like funding ++…

We're working on bringing all these things to Chia. With real Nakamoto consensus. And everybody having real custody of their own funds. And all that other good Bitcoin stuff.…

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