Written by KomoDeFi Editorial Team on June 19, 2021

Verus Updates - Temporary switch to Proof of Work Algorithm

@everyone - as a result of the exploit mitigation, we are in PoW mode until an upgrade, likely tomorrow, and its activation, at least 4 days from now.

As @michaeltoutjr said, the chain is moving forward just fine, on the ~1 minute average schedule, and is being notarized correctly by the Komodo notaries. You may also have noticed that there is a current issue with staking, which will only be temporary. While we were able to test the exploit mitigation code on a testnet, we were not able to test moving the mainnet chain forward with legitimate mining and staking given the invalid state of the chain difficulty. The mitigation that was mainnet specific needs a change before it can resume accepting legitimate PoS blocks.

We are planning one more update, and since the chain is now functional for use again and not subject to such an attack, we will be more deliberate to ensure that we can get a full test pass with help from our new, trusted group of community testers, who have volunteered their services and to also to give the Komodo notaries more time to upgrade. We will allow for at least 3 days from the time of that release before staking blocks will be accepted again by the chain. At that point, Verus Proof of Power will be live with all checks verified and in place, including the fix for the one that the attacker's were able to exploit.


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