Blockchain Solutions

These projects have overcome real world problems and presented them to the world as blockchain solutions.


Blockchain security is paramount to the integrity of a serious project, and some serious projects are not mighty enough to withstand a hash attack. The following chain provides cross chain security.
Komodo dPoWVerus Vault

Blockchain Identity

Cross chain blockchain identity with lost key recovery and revoke-ability. The ability to create vaults and hereditary functions with protocol level layer 1 integrity & security. 
Verus ID

Decentralized Finance

All of the projects on this page support atomic swaps in peer to peer exchange between 10+ layer 1 blockchain protocols. They inherit all the qualities of atomic swaps from the Atomic DEX protocol. Verus additionally has an on-chain MEV resistant liquidity protocol.
AtomicDEX Cross Protocol Atomic SwapsVerus MEV Resistant Liquidity Protocol


Using zero-knowledge, the ability to maintain the confidentiality of the sender, receiver and amount - to only the sender & receiver, with optional viewing parties happens on the following chains:
ARRR - Pirate ChainVRSC - Verus Coin
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