Blockchain Solutions

These projects have overcome real world problems and presented them to the world as blockchain solutions.


Using zero-knowledge, the ability to maintain the confidentiality of the sender, receiver and amount - to only the sender & receiver, with optional viewing parties happens on the following chains:
ARRR - Pirate ChainVRSC - Verus Coin


Blockchain security is paramount to the integrity of a serious project, and some serious projects are not mighty enough to withstand a hash attack. The following chain provides cross chain security.
Komodo dPoWVerus Notarizations


Non-fungible one-of-a-kind digital items, with their ownership written into the history of the blockchain. Royalties and other features can be set by the creator.

Sustainability & Provenance

Supply chains are a great fit for blockchains, and sharing data between suppliers with integrity backed by security is what sets this project apart:
Open Food Chain

Blockchain Identity

Cross chain blockchain identity with lost key recovery and revoke-ability. The ability to create vaults and hereditary functions with protocol level layer 1 integrity & security. 
Verus ID

Atomic Swaps

All of the projects on this page support atomic swaps in peer to peer exchange between 10+ blockchain protocols. They inherit all the qualities of atomic swaps from the Atomic DEX project by being listed as supported coins in the wallet and DEX.
AtomicDEX Cross Protocol Atomic Swaps
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