Written by KomoDeFi Editorial Team on June 3, 2021

Verus Pay in 2019 Farmers market

The Lead Developer of verus coin Micheal Tout shared his experience with cryptocurrencies. The adaptability of cryptocurrencies and popularity amongst smart masses is increasing in very unseen and common areas. One such example can be seen in the tweet shared below where Mike bought Pasta and paid through verus coin.

This low level acceptance of cryptocurrencies can turn into a payment medium for simple and common household items for which cash is always considered a payment medium. These household items and groceries accepting cryptocurrencies is quite astonishing.

Not needing cash and dealing with cryptocurrencies for everything will be a great concept as prices will get more stable. If you won't need FIAT and you can purchase everything for cryptocurrencies, no need to sell your assets, and no price drops.

Verus Pay is an option in Verus Wallet where you can scan QR code to pay or get Scanned to get paid


  • Install Verus mobile wallet from github.
  • Create a wallet.
  • Backup your seed phrase.
  • Select Verus Coin from Home.
  • Go to Receive.
  • Click on Generate Invoice.
  • Anyone Can scan the QR code to pay you. All Done!!!
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