Written by KomoDeFi Editorial Team on May 18, 2021

Verus Updates - Nakamoto Consensus TestNet

@everyone Announcing v0.7.3-4, NON-MANDATORY update for mainnet and the testnet upgrade everyone is waiting for, whether they know it or not. AS OF THIS ANNOUNCEMENT, EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE STOPPED USING THE PRIOR VERSION ON TESTNET, AND BEFORE RECONNECTING TO TESTNET AGAIN, YOU SHOULD FIRST UPGRADE. This release will not require that you reset your testnet at all, as long as you have stopped or stopped using testnet now and do not try reconnecting with an older version than v0.7.3-4.

This version has no significant updates to mainnet functionality in CLI and some minor usability fixes in GUI. The main reason you will want this update is to use the most advanced testnet of any cryptocurrency on the planet, start developing on your own PBaaS chains, see how easy it is to operate in a multi-blockchain, interoperable, inherently DeFi platform, and to keep up with the latest capabilities.

In additional to all of the capabilities of the last testnet and fixes that will unstick any transactions that were attempted and had not been completed yet on testnet, this version also adds a new API, getreservedeposits, which when passed a currency or PBaaS chain name, will display the total of all assets held on behalf of the currency, if it is homed on the current chain, or the total of all deposits for all currencies on a PBaaS chain specified.

Since our last video introduction of the testnet was marred by some demo-related technical difficulties, we are planning a new community meeting with demonstration, so we can share knowledge of the new capabilities that are both unique to Verus and that many of us believe will change the way that people use and relate to crypto and even money in general.
CLI: https://github.com/VerusCoin/VerusCoin/releases/tag/v0.7.3-4
GUI: https://github.com/VerusCoin/Verus-Desktop/releases/tag/v0.7.3-4

As far as learning about and sharing why this may be bigger than most yet realize, here is a primer on the new capabilities available on testnet. Please share this article with people who have a basic understanding of crypto and want to learn more about Verus. More important than everyone getting excited about what they don't yet understand is key crypto enthusiasts realizing what they can now start working with to enable their own business or project.



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