Written by KomoDeFi Editorial Team on November 17, 2021

Verus Updates - Gold NFTs and Silver Coins for Community

@everyone We clearly underestimated the demand for the Verus Self Sovereigns. Our plan to date was to enable the community and early contributors to have access to the first Verus Gold NFTs with all of their capabilities while still being able to afford them since this project was made by its community. We worked in recent weeks to understand how many community members really wanted one by asking in every recent marketing meeting, where we could only explain plans in progress and expected pricing, not final numbers.

After 15 people committed, we established a plan to make a shared identity model, make 20 available to the community in case others committed, sell any that the community didn't buy, and auction 5, donating proceeds the Foundation at prices some of us expected would be out of reach for many community members.

As a result of the overwhelming response from the meeting today and the fact that we far exceeded demand for 20 from the community, we are changing the plan. We do have a real limit of 25 in this round, given the NFT and shared ID model. That is not something we can change without changing more than we plan to do.

As a result, we have decided to forego the auction of those 5 additional physical NFTs to benefit the Foundation and instead make 5 more from this round available to all we can who have said they want to commit to one today. Since we have more demand than ever that will satisfy, VerusGear will make another run of 25 with all of the same features, same design, and a different shared identity than the first. Please contact @rozo to secure your spot on the second run of physical gold NFTs. To ensure that everyone has a fair chance, they had previously limited purchase to one per person and will keep that limit in place at least until we plan for a next run in the future. If any coins of this round are not committed to community members by November 23rd, all remaining physical NFTs will be sold at public auction.

We have also agreed with @rozo that Verus Gear will increase the pre-sale availability of Silver Self Sovereigns to 200 available instead of 100 and the bronze to 300 instead of 250. This increase will only apply to community demand for pre-sales since we're seeing more demand for all of the physical coins than we expected. With these changes, @rozo says he should be able to have the site for ordering live at 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM UTC tomorrow. If you want to secure a Gold Self Sovereign of the second 25, it is important that you let @rozo know. All people who committed in this round but couldn't get in have priority for the next, and after that, all orders will be first come first until November 23rd. Thank you!


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