Written by KomoDeFi Editorial Team on November 27, 2021

Chips Blockchain Update - Gameplay Issues Fixed

Friday Development Update

Hello @everyone

Update on a couple of things worked during this week.

1. Fixed the issues during with player fold, now the player who folds can't view other player and table cards.
2. Fixed the issues relate LN binding.
3. Adjusted the LN invoice payment according to the chips bet on the table.
4. Now all the issues relate to gameplay are fixed, exploring the GUI code to fix the basic issues.

Planned things in the coming weeks:

1. Exploring GUI code to fix the recently logged issues.
2. Getting hands on with libevent code to integrate it into a bet.

Repos to track our development
GUI - https://github.com/chips-blockchain/pangea-poker
BET - https://github.com/chips-blockchain/bet (master, multiplayer branches)
CHIPS - https://github.com/chips-blockchain/chipschain (master, dev branches)
Info: WEBSITE - https://chips.cash/
BLOG - https://blog.chips.cash/


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