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The transcript of the "what is avax" video is available here on the komodefi github transcripts repo in case the video disappears from youtube and the content is needed for cross reference in the future.

At this Tokyo FinTech event, Komodo ambassador John Robinson explains the atomic swap process. Marketmakers pay no fees & the taker pays 0.15% fee. The trading fees do not include the transaction fees. There are 4 transactions in total between 2 parties.

The following screenshots are from the presentation.

atomic swap how they work
atomicdex features

Internal learning from Komodo team led to removal of privacy from the main chain. Torsten explains the multi chain interoperability platform as a very hard solution to summarize. Giving an example of 100,000s of blockchains - one with fitbit trackers, he explains how the different businesses would interact with each other. Overcoming gas problems for more complex applications explained with Antara modules.

Jason Brown from the Komodo team explains how & why the privacy feature was removed from this zCash fork for the creation of the 100% private Pirate chain. He goes onto to explain Antara modules and the quantum resistant dilithium module. Developers can use the composer to spin up their own blockchains running on AWS infrastructure.

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In this interview, Kadan explains to blockTV where the opportunities for atomicDEX lies, defacto protocol standardization opportunities and the advantages of DEX technology.

blocktv atomicdex interview
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FinTech news interview about the Komodo blockchain solutions highlighting the atomicDEX 3rd generation evolution of DEX technology into mobile devices. Kadan then goes onto explain the sovereign nature of independent projects being able to adopt the technology without fear dependence of the "mothership".

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Since the project was first launched, Komodo has developed and pioneered dozens of innovative technologies. Now, projects that build with Komodo can launch a fully customizable, independent Antara Smart Chain that’s protected with Bitcoin-level security and connected to Komodo’s multi-chain ecosystem through Platform Synchronizations.

During this 15 minute presentation on blockchain architecture, Komodo team member Audo Kowitz explains the offerings of Komodo with a thought experiment of 100 projects sharing one blockchain vs each project having their own sovereign blockchain solution.

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This is from Komodo Platform's YouTube channel. Make a blockchain in a handful of steps, from naming your chain to setting up your white label products. The Antara composer from Komodo Platform handles everything for you in a simple 12 step setup.

The Antara Framework is Komodo's toolbox for end-to-end blockchain development. From customizing and launching an independent, application-specific blockchain to activating the right modules and choosing your white label products, the Antara Framework offers everything you need to craft the perfect blockchain solution for your use case. It also helps reduces the time you need to spend in development and helps you get to market faster.

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This tutorial video will walk you through how to make an atomic swap using AtomicDEX, Komodo's third-generation decentralized exchange.

AtomicDEX is a non-custodial, atomic-swap-powered decentralized exchange. It's the industry's only true DEX and it's now in a public beta phase, which means that anyone can download AtomicDEX and start making atomic swaps now!

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