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An explorer is a display of the blockchain data structures in somewhat friendly human readable format. The high level cryptography technology employed by Komodo smartchains does require some dissecting to understand what is going on.

This post is the first part of how to read the explorer, and how to understand the technical underpinnings of NFT creation on Tokel's blockchain.

Tokel has been the most brought forth project from the Komodo Ecoystem. This year marked the start, release and major updates for tokel. There were many key events to look forward too. We have made a simple timeline of all the key events from the tokel team for the year 2021.

We have kept it simple and intuitive to make sure you don't miss any major updates from the Tokel platform. The timeline consists of discord posts all filtered into this single post.

Development update

Hi @everyone

Our team has been hard at work to make this release happen, and now it’s here: you can create tokens and NFTs using our dApp!

Download the latest release (1.2.0) here: https://github.com/TokelPlatform/tokel_dapp/releases/tag/v1.2.0

Tokel Dapp 1.2.0

⭐️ Features
- Token Creation Tool, You can now create fixed-supply tokens and NFTs directly from the dApp
- Token media now loads inside an iFrame, for enhanced security
- Direct IPFS links (ipfs://[hash]) and (dweb://[hash]) are now supported for Token media


- Fixed TKLTEST explorer links
- dApp showed blockchain data with wrong encoding (now you can use special chars in your tokens)
- Parsing tokenV2createtokel transactions correctly for display in the wallet
- BigNumber support for nspv-js and the dApp. This means if you have a large wallet the dApp should work fine for you now
- Fixed a bug that prevented users from switching networks in the dApp

Work in the pipeline (in no specific order)

- Refactor wallet logic so it's more stable
- Improve token media visualizer
- Add support for a password login
- Planning for website updates
- Planning for future features - DEX and Token Marketplace
- Finish up E2E tests covering Token Creation

A special thanks to all the <tokel testers> who helped us refine the token creation tool and catch bugs before release. Y'all are awesome.

Tokel Talk has been listed on Apple Podcasts with the help of community member @AhmedDhaif who was also the winner of the bounty.


Development update Hello @everyone !

We are holding a steady course and have released another version of the app with bug fixes. The update is highly recommended, but not mandatory.

Please download the latest version (1.1.3) here


Sprint 10




Still in progress

Sprint 11


@everyone Early Adopter Token Drop

As promised an "Early Adopter" token was dropped onto all addresses that participated in the IDO. Hold a piece of Tokel history, encapsulated in this digital memorabilia token. Check your token wallet for the Token drop. All you had to do to qualify was to participate in the IDO (transact with the IDO addresses).


Development update
Hello @everyone !

We are holding a steady course and have released another version of the app with bug fixes. The update is highly recommended, but not mandatory.

Please download the latest version (1.1.3) here


Sprint 10

Activity is not always correct
Wallet always tried to show media if a token URL is present
DateTime issues resolved
Bug with blank screen resolved
Strange transactions shown to the user bug resolved
Returning the correct error when the user tries to send tokens to an R-address instead of a pubkey.
Fixed an issue with sending transactions with decimal values
nspv-js updated to include latest updates from dimxy


Extra awesome

nspv-js updated to include latest updates from dimxy

Token Creation Tool first version for internal testing

Still in progress


Mandatory dApp update v 1.1.2

Hey @everyone!
Mandatory dApp update

All users must update to the latest version of the application at their earliest convenience. A member of the community assisted us with a security fix that has been patched in this update. We strive to ensure the dApp is as secure as possible and will continue to work with the extremely knowledgeable members of the community to do so. Please download the latest version at the following link https://github.com/TokelPlatform/tokel_dapp/releases/tag/v1.1.2

Development update @everyone

Development has hit a big milestone with the release of the Token Wallet, not only because of the token functionality but also because of the big integration with bitgo library that we did.

Also, we have some personal news. We have a new team member His name is @lenilsonjr and he is a ! Lenny is our new FullStack developer with a great sense of design and organization. We are super happy to welcome him to our team. Welcome and thank you for choosing us Lenny!

Sprint 09 ++
Token Wallet Release
Token Wallet Bug Release
Security patch We will continue to put out security patch releases as soon as we are aware of any issues that need to be addressed. This particular issue was of low severity, but we stand by making sure the community is safe and protected, hence the need to make it a mandatory update. We appreciate the community members that are assisting us with all development-related issues.

In progress regardless of sprint plans: Since our team has expanded now we have more people, more heads and we can do more cool things. We are working on Token Creation page parallel to bug fixes, improvements, and other features. You can see a little teaser below

Sprint 10 Bug fixes that have been reported by community members and found by us tracked in here -

No activity shown for tokens

Coin and Token amounts disappear for a short period after sending a token

Tokens remain showing in token wallet once sent

Activity is not always correct

Wallet always tried to show media if a token URL is present

Add a dApp version somewhere

We also want to start working on Login screen changes as some of you experience difficulties with that. We will start working on it in this sprint and will continue further in the next one as this is a bigger feature. Issues are tracked here: https://github.com/TokelPlatform/tokel_dapp/projects/5


We kindly ask that everybody that is running a Tokel full node (including Notary Nodes), please update their nodes with the latest code. These updates are not hard forking changes, but they are required for nSPV to provide the information for our token wallet (and subsequent dapp features) to work correctly. Along with some nSPV changes, we have also enabled nodes to identify time-locked transactions, created customized tokeld and tokel-cli commands for people to use, and changed what were previously 'cc addresses' to 'cc index keys', meaning they will have a 'C' prefixing them instead of what was an 'R' and could be confused with a users coin address. A full list of updates can be found in GitHub and summarised below.

- added 'requestId' field into nSPV protocol v5 messages to provide multiple endpoints in the nSPV client app
- better error handling in nSPV protocol v5
- bitgo-kmd javascript library updated for nSPV protocol v5
- Build of customised tokeld, tokel-cli binaries (Tokel chain params are passed in configure)
- nspv maxrecords param added to listunspent, listtransactions
- missing cs_main locks fixed in nspv
- nspv rate limiter allows N req/sec
- new gettransactionsmany nspv method
- new C-prefix added for cc index keys (former 'cc addresses')
- added support for CLTV transactions to the daemon wallet and nSPV protocol


If you need assistance setting-up or updating your node, please follow the first few steps in this how-to guide. If you have any issues, please let us know in the tokel-development channel



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