@everyone Last night, SafeTrade opened both USDT and DAI stable coin trading pairs for VRSC, making it even easier to go from USD to Verus and back. In fact, it is now possible to use Verus Mobile to wire from your bank account to your wallet, and with SafeTrade alone, go from there to Verus, no other exchange or even BTC is needed. Since these pairs were just opened last night and announced today with no artificial liquidity, there is a tiny bit of ask volume and no-bid volume to speak of yet. Hopefully, our community can help with that and also spread the word. If you're looking to purchase VRSC, please consider spreading your orders between BTC and stable coins to get better overall results and help provide market liquidity at the same time. Thank you!


@everyone We clearly underestimated the demand for the Verus Self Sovereigns. Our plan to date was to enable the community and early contributors to have access to the first Verus Gold NFTs with all of their capabilities while still being able to afford them since this project was made by its community. We worked in recent weeks to understand how many community members really wanted one by asking in every recent marketing meeting, where we could only explain plans in progress and expected pricing, not final numbers.

After 15 people committed, we established a plan to make a shared identity model, make 20 available to the community in case others committed, sell any that the community didn't buy, and auction 5, donating proceeds the Foundation at prices some of us expected would be out of reach for many community members.

As a result of the overwhelming response from the meeting today and the fact that we far exceeded demand for 20 from the community, we are changing the plan. We do have a real limit of 25 in this round, given the NFT and shared ID model. That is not something we can change without changing more than we plan to do.

As a result, we have decided to forego the auction of those 5 additional physical NFTs to benefit the Foundation and instead make 5 more from this round available to all we can who have said they want to commit to one today. Since we have more demand than ever that will satisfy, VerusGear will make another run of 25 with all of the same features, same design, and a different shared identity than the first. Please contact @rozo to secure your spot on the second run of physical gold NFTs. To ensure that everyone has a fair chance, they had previously limited purchase to one per person and will keep that limit in place at least until we plan for a next run in the future. If any coins of this round are not committed to community members by November 23rd, all remaining physical NFTs will be sold at public auction.

We have also agreed with @rozo that Verus Gear will increase the pre-sale availability of Silver Self Sovereigns to 200 available instead of 100 and the bronze to 300 instead of 250. This increase will only apply to community demand for pre-sales since we're seeing more demand for all of the physical coins than we expected. With these changes, @rozo says he should be able to have the site for ordering live at 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM UTC tomorrow. If you want to secure a Gold Self Sovereign of the second 25, it is important that you let @rozo know. All people who committed in this round but couldn't get in have priority for the next, and after that, all orders will be first come first until November 23rd. Thank you!


@everyone Announcing MANDATORY Verus v0.9.0 Mainnet Release of Verus Vault and the on-chain NFT and ID Marketplace TO REMAIN CONNECTED TO THE MAINNET VERUS BLOCKCHAIN, YOU MUST UPGRADE FULL NODES TO v0.9.0 OR LATER BY BLOCK 1796400, which is expected to occur on or around Monday, November 29th at 6:15PM UTC.

Verus ID and NFT Marketplace
Buy and sell VerusIDs on-chain, advertising your offer directly to the owner of an ID or NFT, or posting the sale of your NFT on the worldwide blockchain for all the world to see. Execute transactions in a completely decentralized way. Pay or offer to pay from a transparent or zero-knowledge private address, still auditable by you. Accept payment to either as well, and best of all, execute your transactions directly, peer-to-peer without any intermediary necessary. Don’t worry the on-chain model still makes room for owners to select and share proceeds with value added agents, marketing organizations, or other participants in a new economy of provable digital ownership. It’s the next step in the evolution of VerusID, the most powerful self-sovereign identity and secure funds storage model in the digital world.

Verus Vault
With Verus Vault you can now protect funds on a VerusID, even from theft of a private key! If you lock your VerusID with Vault you cannot spend funds from that identity at all until it is again unlocked. While locked, you can still stake those same funds on the Verus network and earn by doing so. Of course, you can also still receive funds.


A locked VerusID can always be revoked and recovered by its revocation and recovery authority identities, which circumvents the lock. At the same time, anyone with only the primary keys, even a multisig of primary keys must first unlock, then wait for the predetermined unlock time before they can spend or access funds. This gives you, or maybe a company that specializes in watching the blockchain to whom you've assigned the revocation ID time to revoke and recover whenever an unauthorized unlock occurs. That means that like a bank, setting a 24 hour unlock delay on your locked IDs actually provides the first decentralized solution to the infamous 5 dollar wrench attack.

In addition to a new level of blockchain protection and decentralized funds recovery, Verus Vault provides the same security for your IDs and NFTs as well as time locks for other purposes, such as vesting schedules, trusts, and inheritance. With Verus Vault, you can now protect and recover your funds, preserving all your assets and generational blockchain wealth from common forms of crypto loss or theft, no bank required.

Testnet Reset
To reset your testnet make sure Verus is closed (and no testnet daemon running) and delete the following directories, then restart the testnet daemon (or relaunch Verus Desktop, deactivate verustest and re-add verustest native):

- Linux: ~/.Komodo/vrsctest, ~/.verustest
- Mac OS: ~/Library/Application Support/Komodo/vrsctest, ~/Library/Application\ Support/VerusTest
- Windows 10: %AppData%\Roaming\Komodo\vrsctest, %AppData%\Roaming\VerusTest or %AppData%\Komodo\vrsctest, %AppData%\Roaming\VerusTest

Countdown to Activation


CLI: https://github.com/VerusCoin/VerusCoin/releases/tag/v0.9.0

GUI: https://github.com/VerusCoin/Verus-Desktop/releases/tag/v0.9.0


@everyone Announcing Verus Mobile upgrade v0.3.0 with the ability to create and connect to a Wyre Fiat account. This release includes the following improvements and updates:

* New Services menu with optional Wyre Fiat Services (the US only), including:
* fiat currency support to and from connected bank accounts
* fee-free sending of fiat from SendWyre user to SendWyre user
* conversions between USDC, USDT, DAI, and 29 fiat currencies

* Improved onboarding process
* Private transactions (iOS only) with memos/messages
* Multiple "cards"/accounts for transparent addresses, z-addresses, and Wyre account addresses
* Support for additional ERC20 tokens
* Personal profile data storage.
* Miscellaneous fixes

If you are already testing Verus Mobile on iOS, you should see an available update in test flight. The Android release is available here or via the website:



@everyone Announcing the immediate availability of GUI and CLI for all platforms of the NON-MANDATORY v0.8.0-4 UPDATE.


This release has no mainnet changes, resolves issues that people using testnet have reported with the Ethereum/Rinkeby bridge, and is mandatory for those who wish to continue using testnet after transactions between the Verus and Rinkeby test nets resume flowing.

If you have pending transactions on the bridge, some requested conversions may come back as refunded, and you should receive all amounts expected, fewer fees. We will not reset the testnet, but within an hour after this availability, the network will resume transaction imports/exports to and from Rinkeby, and anyone who continues running the old version may need to resync to testnet from scratch to continue. If you have upgraded to v0.8.0-4 or do so before connecting again to testnet, you should only see improvement without disruption.

I want to thank everyone who participated already in using this testnet and bridge release. I hope we can keep that level of participation or more up, as it has been extremely helpful. Because of all that’s happened on this testnet to date, we were able to make a lot of progress in finding and resolving the following testnet issues in this release:

  1. Enable support for much larger proofs than was previously possible from systems that either has large proofs required or significantly variable-length proofs. Having this capability in the daemon will pave the way for more types of cross-chain proving in the future as well.
  2. Fix failed refunds of conversion transactions attempted after a fractional currency launches, but before its pre-conversion phase is complete. If you sent transactions during this time, you may have stuck refunds that should flow after this upgrade.
  3. Ensure that currencies are marked as “launch complete” immediately after all pre-conversion have been processed, enabling normal conversions in all directions from that point forward.
  4. Fix an issue that left some import notarizations incomplete and caused cross-chain transfers to wait longer than expected after some imports. Improve and validate hardening.

CLI: https://github.com/VerusCoin/VerusCoin/releases/tag/v0.8.0-4

GUI: https://github.com/VerusCoin/Verus-Desktop/releases/tag/v0.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to announce the brand new https://verus.io/ website, upgraded with a beautiful new design by @Max@ - greenverus.com, @nward, @englal, @quipacorn, @Consilience, @oink and others! I recommend that you take a look at the new site and share it to anyone who might have questions about our project, community, or technology. It even includes a profile display on the ID lookup if the ID has a profile available!

A HUGE thanks to everyone who stepped up and made this new website possible! (edited)


@everyone Announcing the immediate availability of GUI and CLI for all platforms of the NON-MANDATORY, RECOMMENDED v0.8.0 UPDATE.

This release is mandatory for those who want to use the testnet, which will be reset as of v0.8.0.

Updates include:

  1. 1. Testnet reset with fixes for all reported PBaaS, DeFi, and advanced VerusID user issues. If you had reported issues, please verify that the issues you reported are addressed in this release.
  2. Support for the bidirectional Ethereum gateway/bridge, which has been testing on private networks and which we hope to launch on public testnet in the next day or two after confirming it on the release testing network with community testing contributors.
  3. . Support for the new getvdxfid RPC call, used along with your ID and published names to generate VDXF (Verus Data eXchange Format) keys, which community members used to create the world’s first self-sovereign, completely decentralized, rent-free, non-cancelable social media profiles, such as this one: https://luckpool.net/profile/identity/mike. Work is underway to document the VDXF keys defined and used for profiles as well as the process of setting up your own. While the capability is already extremely powerful, we should remind everyone that Verus is a platform, not a social network. The core technology is exciting, but what will be even more exciting is when businesses and entrepreneurs leverage it to enable new, self-sovereign user experiences, applications, and new business models to build the future, truly decentralized web
  4. Fix for the Electron certificate issue in the GUI wallet, which has been affecting prices and preventing BTC fee calculation.
  5. Support for some additional, popular ERC20 currencies, in anticipation of more usage after release of the ETH bridge.
  6. Fix in GUI for calculated balances of specific addresses sometimes showing lower than actual, even though wallet balance displayed correctly.
  7. Additional hardening, fixes and improvement focused on mainnet and the Ethereum bridge.

To reset your testnet make sure Verus is closed (and no testnet daemon running) and delete the following directories, then restart the testnet daemon (or relaunch Verus Desktop, deactivate verustest and re-add verustest native): Linux: ~/.Komodo/vrsctest, ~/.verustest Mac OS: ~/Library/Application Support/Komodo/VRSC, ~/Library/Application\ Support/VerusTest Windows 10: %AppData%\Roaming\Komodo\VRSC\, %AppData%\Roaming\VerusTest or %AppData%\Komodo\VRSC\, %AppData%\Roaming\VerusTest

CLI: https://github.com/VerusCoin/VerusCoin/releases/tag/v0.8.0

GUI: https://github.com/VerusCoin/Verus-Desktop/releases/tag/v0.8.0


@everyone Announcing the immediate availability of NON-MANDATORY, RECOMMENDED ESPECIALLY FOR NOTARIES, HIGH PEER COUNT NODES, AND POOLS, v0.7.3-9 Verus CLI and Desktop.

In addition to more immediate and effective bad node banning behavior, v0.7.3-9 includes a fix for signrawtransaction that could sometimes result in failure of countersigning a multisig, ID-based raw transaction, and as a result of community volunteer testing contributions, this issue was exposed and fixed.

We were not content to just improve basic ID multisig capability, given @allbits suggestions of how he believed multisig could be easier. With the benefit of his ideas and testing support, we were able to upgrade Verus multisig capabilities to an ease of use and level of capability beyond other cryptocurrency networks we are aware of today.

While the Ethereum bridge on testnet or PBaaS going live on mainnet are both milestones likely to wake many up to the power of Verus, ease of use for otherwise impossible or extremely difficult and important use cases will keep users who discover Verus on our shared community platform as collaborators in its continuous improvement.

In this release, it is now possible, on both mainnet and testnet, to issue any “sendcurrency” command with the source being a multisig ID, for which you do not have all the keys present in your wallet. If you do, there will be a return error in operation status, from both GUI or CLI, and in that error will be the partially signed transaction, which can be used by applications or with copy and paste to send to other signers with partial authority over the source ID. On mainnet, destinations for such a transaction can include IDs, private addresses with memos to a z-address or ID:private, and transparent addresses. On testnet, such transactions can include all that is possible on mainnet as well as multiple currencies, currency conversions, and cross-chain sends.

To our knowledge, this release raises the industry standard for multisig capability and its ease of execution on the blockchain to a new level, even before considering the multisig revocation and recovery capabilities. What’s even more exciting is that while finishing this, we invented a new multi-level multisig syntax for sendcurrency that is not yet implemented, but is actually already enabled by the mainnet protocol. When we or anyone starts taking advantage of that capability, I believe it will be a boon to organizational cooperation and commerce using the Verus network. These may not yet be the hot items of the day, but when we developed our solution for MEV, which was almost two years ago now, most people in the industry didn’t understand the problem.

Now that this release further sensitizes and hardens the network against nodes behaving badly, our immediate priority is the Ethereum bridge to testnet, followed by completion of testnet hardening and mainnet. As usual, we are a community, and though we cannot provide a specific date target for the upcoming testnet reset and following mainnet releases, your help, whether in development, testing, learning using and writing, or contribution in one way or another will help us get to that finish line sooner than later.

GUI: https://github.com/VerusCoin/Verus-Desktop/releases/tag/v0.7.3-9

CLI: https://github.com/VerusCoin/VerusCoin/releases/tag/v0.7.3-9

@everyone Congratulations !!! Full Proof of Power with staking is now successfully operating with all validation confirmed on the mainnet. It may take an hour or two to smooth statistically between stake and work blocks and possibly a bit longer to smooth to average 1 minute block times. The network looks healthy and in sync across all upgraded nodes!


@everyone - as a result of the exploit mitigation, we are in PoW mode until an upgrade, likely tomorrow, and its activation, at least 4 days from now.

As @michaeltoutjr said, the chain is moving forward just fine, on the ~1 minute average schedule, and is being notarized correctly by the Komodo notaries. You may also have noticed that there is a current issue with staking, which will only be temporary. While we were able to test the exploit mitigation code on a testnet, we were not able to test moving the mainnet chain forward with legitimate mining and staking given the invalid state of the chain difficulty. The mitigation that was mainnet specific needs a change before it can resume accepting legitimate PoS blocks.

We are planning one more update, and since the chain is now functional for use again and not subject to such an attack, we will be more deliberate to ensure that we can get a full test pass with help from our new, trusted group of community testers, who have volunteered their services and to also to give the Komodo notaries more time to upgrade. We will allow for at least 3 days from the time of that release before staking blocks will be accepted again by the chain. At that point, Verus Proof of Power will be live with all checks verified and in place, including the fix for the one that the attacker's were able to exploit.


The Lead Developer of verus coin Micheal Tout shared his experience with cryptocurrencies. The adaptability of cryptocurrencies and popularity amongst smart masses is increasing in very unseen and common areas. One such example can be seen in the tweet shared below where Mike bought Pasta and paid through verus coin.

This low level acceptance of cryptocurrencies can turn into a payment medium for simple and common household items for which cash is always considered a payment medium. These household items and groceries accepting cryptocurrencies is quite astonishing.

Not needing cash and dealing with cryptocurrencies for everything will be a great concept as prices will get more stable. If you won't need FIAT and you can purchase everything for cryptocurrencies, no need to sell your assets, and no price drops.

Verus Pay is an option in Verus Wallet where you can scan QR code to pay or get Scanned to get paid


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