I'd like to thank everybody that participated in, and watched the very first Tokel Talk.

This is a must watch if you missed hearing it live!


We had an absolutely fantastic discussion on the future of tokenization. Hear from our special guests:

- Hashratez - Etho Protocol (BPSAA)
- Zullu NFT enthusiast from the Pirate Chain ($ARRR) community
- Andrew who is well versed in economic and public policy from the Pirate Party of Australia team, and
- Ejuliano, NutellaLicka & dreamTim from the Tokel Team.

Topics covered:

- What a token really is; Decentralized, ownership, authentication, identity.
- The problems with legal system accommodation
- The importance of decentralized, public blockchains; "Public blockchains are the neutral arbitrator of business" -HashRatez
- The problems with paper gold and rehypothecation
- Copyright/digital rights management issues that tokenization can help with - Business/enterprise adoption leading the effort to tokenize the world.


Rob McNealy, a forensic flooring expert & a crypto entrepreneur interviews Jason Brown. Jason shares his road from nuclear technician work to crypto with Komodo and what the future has in store with this platform of interoperability. The dPoW security consensus is explained for low hashrate blockchains & the Antara framework..

[aiovg_video type="youtube" youtube="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1F6gIea0ujE"]

Rob McNealy's website has the audio source for this interview. (new tab)

This story is for the crypto romantics who want to understand where and how people become collaborators in this space. 6 months after starting as the SuperNET security lead, he left his government work to work on the future of Komodo's multi chain architecture.

Mobile first product releases discussed on this podcast. What Steve was doing before crypto (March 2018) as HPE and other Fortune 1000 tech companies. The internal restructure of the project to align with the vision & rebrand. Enterprise adoption & legitimacy.

Skip to 2 minutes in to get straight to the interview!

Brave New Coin interviews Kadan from Komodo. Opening with a brief overview of his history in IT cyber forensics with government and law enforcement he says the attack surface for malicious actors continues to grow. The vision of blockchain being able to change the overlaying societal model on top of the current financial system also explained with P2P technology.

[aiovg_video type="youtube" youtube="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUwWnwKlb3g"]

The Brave New Coin podcast is available on multiple platforms - more info on the podcast from this page.

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