Hey Guys,

v1.0.0 (7) is available now.

New Features:

- UI Optimisation for all small screen devices and bigger font (configured in settings)
- Tap on memo to preview full memo in a toast 
- Now we see # of confirmations in our app under a transaction
- blurred the layout when app enters background 
- Without balance showing send button won’t respond. It’s disabled. We should colour the disabled button properly so they are distinguishable from enabled buttons.
- QR Code logical changes
- tap to view bigger QR code
- request money

Bug Fixes:

- Minor UI glitch, balance incorrectly showing zero right after a send finished.
- address not opening up the send amount screen #61
- UI Glitch - Request Money Screen
- 1-2x app background or killed trigger notification
- Rescan options screen (toast bug)

Additional Notes:

- Upgraded our codebase to the upstream code.
- Auto-shielding (receive funds on T-addrs and send to Z-addrs)
- ZIP-321 Add Payment URI support + Deep Link integration
- ZIP-316 NU5 support + Unified Addresses

Open Bugs:

- SE 2020 Big font size bug
- Already closed, but need to observe further.
- Receive button not responding to tap gesture
- When setting up the wallet, on words #8 and #12, the next button caused it to go back to the previous word. It then worked correctly when pressing it the 2nd time around. And Minor bug while setting up. When you create wallet it takes you back one step.
- Bug related to same session
- change pin flow

@everyone Skull-Island version 2.1.0 for Android is available for beta testing. https://discord.com/channels/512188534111862784/926565027060797461/926581781531086888

Please test out this updated version of skull island and let me know if there are any issues.
Update Notes: - Firebase has been removed from the app.
- Removed the graph from the main page.
- Added multi address support.
- Added full viewing key support.
- Streamlined the UI a bit. Also I found a problem with the encryption. The wallet.dat file created by the backend pirate-lightwallet-cli was not encrypted, so that's been fixed.

Lastly Mullroy changed the encoding of the param files which reduced the memory footprint. My tests has show peak memory usage at about 425MB, but stabilizing around 200MB while syncing and fully synced.

This version will not overwrite your existing installation, it will install a new app for testing.


@everyone The Pirate Chain team has secured a new code security review by an external third party for Treasure Chest Wallet.

Reviews are part of the development process and occur occasionally to ensure that all parts of the code are scrutinized as much as possible.

Read more here: https://pirate.black/code-security-review-pirate-wallet/

Are More Audits Needed?

The short answer is, yes. To complete the audit cycle Pirate Chain needs to undergo one final external audit of its core code. To do this a total of $145,000 is required for cybersecurity experts Halborn to do the review. So far 32% of the total has been already raised.

To contribute to this audit, donate here:https://pirate.black/donations/peer-review-code-audit/


Dear Pirate Chain community. We are very happy to announce the immediate availability of the public beta release of Pirate Chain Wallet for iOS which is developed by Meshbits Limited team.

More info in this blog post: https://blog.piratewallet.io/welcome-to-the-first-public-beta-release-of-pirate-wallet-for-ios-314602f55373

You can visit https://piratewallet.io/ website to download and install it for your iOS devices.

Please like, follow and retweet the PirateWallet Twitter account tweet as well: https://twitter.com/piratewallet/status/1466745323234086916?s=20

Thank you all for your help, encouragement, and patience throughout its development. Looking forward to your feedback soon.

-- Satinder Grewal


@everyone The new version of Treasure Chest, Version 5.4.0 is out!

New Features:

Encrypted p2p communication using TLS 1.3

Add Fiat exchange rate to Overview

Add Combined wallet totals when a viewing key is present

Bug Fixes:

Multiple stability related fixes Fixed MAC wallet encryption

Fixed Segfaults when using disablewallet=1

Lock wallet thread on get info RPC Minor optimizations

Upstream Merge: Merge Komodo upstream to 0.7.1

Download now https://pirate.black/wallets/treasure-chest/


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