Development update
Hello @everyone !

We are holding a steady course and have released another version of the app with bug fixes. The update is highly recommended, but not mandatory.

Please download the latest version (1.1.3) here

Sprint 10

Activity is not always correct
Wallet always tried to show media if a token URL is present
DateTime issues resolved
Bug with blank screen resolved
Strange transactions shown to the user bug resolved
Returning the correct error when the user tries to send tokens to an R-address instead of a pubkey.
Fixed an issue with sending transactions with decimal values
nspv-js updated to include latest updates from dimxy


Extra awesome

nspv-js updated to include latest updates from dimxy

Token Creation Tool first version for internal testing

Still in progress


We kindly ask that everybody that is running a Tokel full node (including Notary Nodes), please update their nodes with the latest code. These updates are not hard forking changes, but they are required for nSPV to provide the information for our token wallet (and subsequent dapp features) to work correctly. Along with some nSPV changes, we have also enabled nodes to identify time-locked transactions, created customized tokeld and tokel-cli commands for people to use, and changed what were previously 'cc addresses' to 'cc index keys', meaning they will have a 'C' prefixing them instead of what was an 'R' and could be confused with a users coin address. A full list of updates can be found in GitHub and summarised below.

- added 'requestId' field into nSPV protocol v5 messages to provide multiple endpoints in the nSPV client app
- better error handling in nSPV protocol v5
- bitgo-kmd javascript library updated for nSPV protocol v5
- Build of customised tokeld, tokel-cli binaries (Tokel chain params are passed in configure)
- nspv maxrecords param added to listunspent, listtransactions
- missing cs_main locks fixed in nspv
- nspv rate limiter allows N req/sec
- new gettransactionsmany nspv method
- new C-prefix added for cc index keys (former 'cc addresses')
- added support for CLTV transactions to the daemon wallet and nSPV protocol

If you need assistance setting-up or updating your node, please follow the first few steps in this how-to guide. If you have any issues, please let us know in the tokel-development channel

Dear Tokel community,

Apologies for no dev updates in the past weeks. We ll stick to bi-weekly updates on Tuesdays now so everyone is in the loop. (next one is on 28th to align with our sprints)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> PAST MONTH RECAP <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

- We have published bitgo library under tokel org and we are working on it with Komodo team
- Komodo made updates to the komodo daemon for us in order for it to work with the new nspv implementation
- Token wallet visual implementation is under review.
- We have completely re-written our nspv logic.

That is a big one.

What does it mean?

We were using the original nspv C library created by jl777. We have moved on from that since the C version does not support Crypto Conditions which is necessary for token transactions.

We have now migrated to a JS implementation of Crypto Conditions Library written by dimxy, based off bitgo library. That is super cool!

Why is that cool and why should I care?

Having a working usable JS implementation in production is a massive step forward for Tokel and Komodo. That means we can create sdks for different purposes and attract more developers to use it because the entry barrier will get much lower than before.

A large proportion of developers use Javascript, meaning there is a big number of people out there who will be interested in using such an implementation for their applications.

PLUS! it's a super lightweight node that does not need to sync the entire blockchain. This opens the flood gates for many projects looking to utilize truly decentralized blockchain technology but who do not want to download and run an entire blockchain within their applications. This makes it super attractive.

The MORE PEOPLE USE IT = the MORE PEOPLE get interested IN TOKEL and the more people use KOMODO TECH = MORE SUCCESS in the whole Komodo ecosystem.

Didn't you say that this was ready a while ago?

I might have, I get very excited about things However it is hard to predict anything coz we are working with highly experimental tech and you never know how long this will take and what issues you will run into.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FUTURE PLAN <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

- Rolling out 1 or maybe even 2 releases.
- Updating website with info on Finished IDO
- Workin on GUI updates with info on locked funds
- We are allocating some time to writing and testing the current version of the dapplication on multiple operating systems. We will also spend time evaluating designs and working through any issues that may arise post release
- Merging current PRs

The two releases are currently the priority. Any testing/troubleshooting/fixing of issues will be prioritised over future releases until we are happy to move on

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