@everyone Announcing the immediate availability of GUI and CLI for all platforms of the NON-MANDATORY, RECOMMENDED v0.8.0 UPDATE.

This release is mandatory for those who want to use the testnet, which will be reset as of v0.8.0.

Updates include:

  1. 1. Testnet reset with fixes for all reported PBaaS, DeFi, and advanced VerusID user issues. If you had reported issues, please verify that the issues you reported are addressed in this release.
  2. Support for the bidirectional Ethereum gateway/bridge, which has been testing on private networks and which we hope to launch on public testnet in the next day or two after confirming it on the release testing network with community testing contributors.
  3. . Support for the new getvdxfid RPC call, used along with your ID and published names to generate VDXF (Verus Data eXchange Format) keys, which community members used to create the world’s first self-sovereign, completely decentralized, rent-free, non-cancelable social media profiles, such as this one: https://luckpool.net/profile/identity/mike. Work is underway to document the VDXF keys defined and used for profiles as well as the process of setting up your own. While the capability is already extremely powerful, we should remind everyone that Verus is a platform, not a social network. The core technology is exciting, but what will be even more exciting is when businesses and entrepreneurs leverage it to enable new, self-sovereign user experiences, applications, and new business models to build the future, truly decentralized web
  4. Fix for the Electron certificate issue in the GUI wallet, which has been affecting prices and preventing BTC fee calculation.
  5. Support for some additional, popular ERC20 currencies, in anticipation of more usage after release of the ETH bridge.
  6. Fix in GUI for calculated balances of specific addresses sometimes showing lower than actual, even though wallet balance displayed correctly.
  7. Additional hardening, fixes and improvement focused on mainnet and the Ethereum bridge.

To reset your testnet make sure Verus is closed (and no testnet daemon running) and delete the following directories, then restart the testnet daemon (or relaunch Verus Desktop, deactivate verustest and re-add verustest native): Linux: ~/.Komodo/vrsctest, ~/.verustest Mac OS: ~/Library/Application Support/Komodo/VRSC, ~/Library/Application\ Support/VerusTest Windows 10: %AppData%\Roaming\Komodo\VRSC\, %AppData%\Roaming\VerusTest or %AppData%\Komodo\VRSC\, %AppData%\Roaming\VerusTest

CLI: https://github.com/VerusCoin/VerusCoin/releases/tag/v0.8.0

GUI: https://github.com/VerusCoin/Verus-Desktop/releases/tag/v0.8.0


Decentralized Bridges to Connect Cryptocurrencies

Bridges in the verus ecosystem are a feature of Public Blockchain as a service. These bridges will allow other cryptocurrencies to flow in the verus ecosystem. Bridges will allow blockchain interoperability for the verus ecosystem.

Users will be able to freely trade coins from other ecosystems due to bridges. This includes sending, receiving, and storing coins and use of verus ID. These bridges will connect other cryptocurrencies in the form of tokens.

Bridges will be a key part of the verus DEFI system. They will ensure seamless transaction back and forth between blockchains. The liquidity provides will get transaction fee making sure verus remains a network economy.


Different blockchains would have different bridges. This will ensure network reliability and security. The Ethereum bridge will be the first to get launched. Developers who are looking to develop their own bridges are welcome.

The verus DEFI system will provide liquidity in a form of an AMM with a reserve and fractional currency. Bridges will free users from the unreasonable gas fees on the Ethereum and native networks.

The tokens created on the verus ecosystem will be available on the Ethereum network. These tokens will be of ERC-20 type and will be available on the Ethereum network. This will provide incentives plus a chance to users looking forward to developing Ethereum tokens.

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