Written by KomoDeFi Editorial Team on April 21, 2020

Convert Private Key To Bitcoin Private Key

Most multicoin lite wallets can be used to enter a seed phrase (list of words) or a private key for a coin and be used for different coins. Sometimes, a new wallet will come out and offer features that you may want to try out. The wallet supports a private key for one type of coin for example, like bitcoin.

In the discord mining channel, it was asked:

is there a tool to get out of a komodo private key a BTC private key?

Here is the question.

Komodo team member Poly suggested to extract the key from a lite wallet, like what Verus Desktop & Chameleon Pay can do. Proof-of-Stake expert and LABS maintainer Alright from the Komodo team offered a python script for doing the task. It is included in the following gist below.

The requirements are to install base58 python package with pip install base58. Duke Leto from the HUSH private communications project and ZEC expert offered another private key conversion script with a useful tidbit of information:

ZEC/HUSH/etc have 2 prefix bytes, BTC/KMD only have 1

User CHMEX from the dexstats site has an online address converter to verify outputs of scripts, but it is for public addresses only - aka do not enter in private key or WIFs!

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