Written by KomoDeFi Editorial Team on April 29, 2020

Sign Transaction Without Daemon With Electrum Wallet

Using the python electrum wallet sources, Komodo developer pbca26 was able to demonstrate to discord user zrtx goal on how to sign a raw transaction. The conversation included zCash protocol expert dukeleto, atomicDEX API & marketmaker developer artem.pikulin.

Electrum wallet is fully capable of signing correct kmd/kmd smartchain transactions and worked so far w/o any major issues. 99% of it's core code is inherited from zcash electrum wallet version. Here is the resulting gist (embedded below edit: the gist has been removed) from pbca26 to achieve the goal below:

komodo-cli createrawtransaction -> unsigned tx hash -> transaction lib of electrum-komodo -> signed tx hash

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