Written by KomoDeFi Editorial Team on April 9, 2019

Chameleon Pay Multi Coin Wallet

Chameleon Pay was developed by the blockchain service provider Chainzilla.  It is a fork of the open source multi-coin wallet Agama.   It has all the main wallet functions as well as well thought out shortcuts to be able to send addresses out through an email or messaging.  You can see from these screenshots that it has also given Agama a beauty treatment.

play store chameleon pay

Getting Chameleon Pay from the Android Play Store is easy. The creation of your profile and wallet all stays on the device, so there is no fear of any private and valuable data going to a server on the internet.  Some helpful warnings appear, like screenshots are not a safe way to back up our secret passphrase.

Chameleon inherits it's multi-coin features from Agama and provides a easy coin addition user interface.

coin selection

multi coin with tx view

It is refreshing to see the Agama wallet get a redesign from a third party developer and hints of new features and usability that are possible with the existing framework.  The gallery below shows more of the design thought that has gone into the product.

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