Written by KomoDeFi Editorial Team on April 23, 2019

How to get Price Index API from Bitcoin Average

In today's article we will review about:

  • How to get price indexing, currency conversion API and how to implement it on your website.
  • We will also discuss about transaction price calculator.

So you want to implement or get to know about price indexing and API's as in the previous article we discussed how does CEX and DEX get their price and charting data and how some exchanges tamper data for illegal profits.

Bitcoin Average is one the popular API providers in the market that provide Crypto API's for Finances, Forex for historic and real time data, there are a lot of API's provided by Bitcoin average some are:

  • Global Price Index (GBX)
  • Currency Market Index (which also includes FIAT currency rates)
  • Coin exchange data which comes from different exchanges around the world using Bitcoin Average API to calculate trading and exchange volumes of popular coins.

Most of the professional API's are paid on Bitcoin Average but we will go through freemium one's and give you a push on how to use them,

How to Start:

First of all sign up to Bitcoin Average with email and password which is pretty basic after confirming the sign up process, you will be navigated to a dashboard

(The Price changes real time within seconds as it is real time data)

For beginners it is suggested that you should use Widgets under the tools menu on the left navigation bar of the screen the screen will pop up like this and it will allow you to select your currency conversion widget,

(The only crypto currency supported for now is Bitcoin as in free version but any FIAT currency can be used to convert to)

To add this API to your website enter the domain generate App ID and then copy either the JavaScript code or the IFRAME which is an html tag to display an in line or in page section from another source you can add as much as currencies you want to convert into and show the current market rates.

There is another great feature in Bitcoin Average which is transaction price calculator this API allows you to find the price of a coin at the time of the transaction by entering your hash address,

(Free Api only allows bitcoin for the moment)

There are some more great tools to access on Bitcoin Average but unfortunately most of them are paid and those which are available free only work limited, but these are some great tools if you are looking forward to blog, start a trading company or study in cryptocurrencies.



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