Written by KomoDeFi Editorial Team on January 18, 2022

Transfer Ethereum Tokens to Polygon?

Polygon Native Bridge

Bridges are the latest and easiest modes of cross-chain asset exchange without the need for a third party. Polygon bridge is a native and easy way to switch your Ethereum assets to the Polygon network.

Polygon bridge is a built-in feature in their web wallet accessible in the polygon web wallet. You can also stake, send and receive polygon and sub-tokens. All of these features are native and developed by polygon so no third party is involved.

The Bridge is developed by the polygon network to help shift the tokens on the Ethereum network to the Polygon network and vice versa. The bridge has an easy-to-use interface like any modern exchange, pancakeswap, or uniswap. You can transfer to and from Ethereum and Polygon with the help of a single click.

Here are some pictorial steps to help you connect and use the Polygon Bridge, you can transfer assets to and from the Ethereum Network, connect with metamask.

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