Written by KomoDeFi Editorial Team on November 23, 2021

Tokel DAPP Update

Development update Hello @everyone !

We are holding a steady course and have released another version of the app with bug fixes. The update is highly recommended, but not mandatory.

Please download the latest version (1.1.3) here


Sprint 10


  • Activity is not always correct
  • Wallet always tried to show media if a token URL is present
  • DateTime issues resolved
  • Bug with blank screen resolved
  • Strange transactions shown to the user bug resolved
  • Returning the correct error when the user tries to send tokens to an R-address instead of a pubkey.
  • Fixed an issue with sending transactions with decimal values
  • nspv-js updated to include latest updates from dimxy


  • version number shown in the dApp


  • Automatic release builds (my personal favourite!)
  • Nightly builds
  • Tests included in github actions
  • Organized github actions
  • Setup a standard responsive grid-system we can reuse throughout the app
  • Formik compatible reusable form elements
  • Extra awesome
  • Token Creation Tool first version for internal testing

Still in progress

  • Coin and Token amounts disappear for a short period after sending a token
  • Tokens remain showing in token wallet once sent
  • Login with password instead of WIF to increase security

Sprint 11

  • Testing Token Creation Too
  • Working on what is currently in Progress
  • Improve UX around the UTXO system
  • Planning for website updates
  • Planning for future features - DEX and Token Marketplace
  • More robust validation for Token Creation (ie prevent a user from typing more in the supply field than he can afford to spend, etc)
  • E2E tests covering Token Creation (Yes we are that cool , we write tests for our functionality)


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