Written by KomoDeFi Editorial Team on April 19, 2021

Open Food Chain Started By Winning A Notary Node

This is a story about collaborating on the Open Food Chain, an open-source blockchain integration that began on the Notary Network of Komodo. The Notary Nodes checkpoint the Komodo blockchain and all Komodo Smart Chains into bitcoin's ledger. After 2 seasons, the Komodo Pioneers v1 had split into season 5 Komodo Pioneers v2 & Mylo. However, there was a lot of friendly collaboration on funding meetups in pre-covid times. Bart from the pioneers would host blockchain enthusiasts in The Netherlands. Mylo would look after successful Komodo Pioneers nodes.

Six months after splitting, Bart asked Mylo if he'd be interested in a "proof of concept 3-month project or something". Mylo was quite excited about working on a non-fintech application of the technology we all built at Komodo stemming from the brilliant work of jl777.


The New Fork was already in the blockchain game, albeit with Hyperledger consulting - but what they really needed for the food & agriculture industries was a true p2p offering of their own, where supply chain partners could rely on the technology without needing to trust a third party with shared data. Enter a Komodo Smart Chain!

The stakeholders for this project began with the aggregate of multi-billion dollar companies and associations:
* Refresco, with their press release
* Austria Juice
* Eckes Granini
* IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative, with their press release
* Dozens of news aggregation sites like fruit-processing

Refresco JuicyChain sustainability quote


We were working on Apple Juice.

After 6 months of long hours and hard work, and as at writing, we are within a week of the "soft launch" of the project running on Google Cloud Platform Kubernetes infrastructure. We are also within a week of the 2021 Season 5 Notary Node elections finishing!

Our small team beat IBM at implementing a p2p solution for global agriculture. Parts of the solution include:
* Running full nodes
* Running explorers
* Using KV storage for decentralized address book
* Managing offline wallets
* Signing offline transactions with electrumx client library
* No transaction fees

These tech solutions will be expanded upon further using the open food chain source code throughout our collaboration & beyond. On behalf of Bart from the Komodo Pioneers and Mylo from iKomodo.com & KomoDeFi.com, we'd like to thank the Komodo user & development community for enabling us to begin collaboration with meetups. This effort would not have been possible without the innovation of checkpoint blockchain security with the Notary Nodes and with the support of community voting to enable us to work on our Komodo co-creations.


Mylo (Southern Hemisphere) RARdqVRm3RWvii2kCWZBSteqqZQs7PsVj9


Komodo Pioneers (Bart/Bart/Audo) RLDs9ZTtzAQy8Y7eoMht7oMFuciECiqCEi

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