Written by KomoDeFi Editorial Team on February 12, 2022

Making Zero Risk Profit with AtomicDEX

The easiest way to make money with AtomicDEX is by market-making for different assets. Providing liquidity invites risks one of such is impartial losses, however, there is one way to make risk-free profits by market-making for stable coin pairs in AtomicDEX.

AtomicDex recently took it on another level and integrated 13 new blockchains in the last application update to v 0.5.4 Beta. Adex users can now store, send, receive and trade these coins and their tokens within AtomicDex.

This exposes users to more stable coin trading pairs as tons of different stable coins come in to play with these blockchains, some are native while most are pegged versions of stable coins from other blockchains.

atomicdex new protocols
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Different protocols have their own versions of stable coins, mostly protocols that are EVM capable, and use pegged tokens to bridge tokens from other blockchains as their own in their native blockchain.

These tokens will use the primary coin of their respective blockchains for a gas fee such as BNB for BUSD on the Binance smart chain, or Ethereum if it is BUSD-ERC-20 the Ethereum version of the Binance USD stable coin.

Market Making for Stable Coins without Loss?

Making Zero Risk Profit with AtomicDEX
This is the DEX Page of the AtomicDEX Desktop Application
  • Select the stable asset you have and make sure you have the Gas Fee to trade, send or receive. (Learn More About Trading Process).
  • Enter the Volume on the Right Hand side of the Application, (Try to make the volume 100 times more than the transaction fee involved, ADEX is proven to have little to none transaction fee as it is wallet to wallet and non custodial trading, fees are only needed here for transferring from one wallet to another, i.e, buyer and seller).
  • Select the spread, try to keep it as low as possible and volumes as large as possible (Arbitrary, or depending on the trading pair).
  • Create multiple orders for different pairs, such as BUSD, TUSD, USDT, HUSD, SFUSD, USDC, etc.

That is all needed to make money with AtomicDEX, the profit ratio is lesser but tamed for day traders, or enthusiast.

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