Written by KomoDeFi Editorial Team on March 27, 2021

Fill orders in AtomicDEX?


Popular coins have more open orders to fill, and these types of coins can be swapped instantly, such is verus. It is an independent project developed on the Komodo ecosystem. The liquidity increases on a daily basis with a lot of orders to fill.

  • Go to trade and select your preferred coin (vrsc in this case), select amount  (max if you want to trade everything). You will automatically be displayed what you will receive.
  • Select the coin you want to trade against (You will automatically be displayed the amount received). Please note if you create and order it will have no fees but will take time to fill if there is no popular demand/liquidity.
  • After tapping trade you will receive a screen asking confirmations and displaying the rate of exchange by comparing it to other cryptocurrency exchanges. 
  • Use custom protection settings allows you to make faster swaps and waiting periods by lowering the settings but there will be less security (potential double spends). This usually occurs because faster transactions will have less confirmations.
  • Select confirm and the swap will begin step ⅓ is order matching. This means your order and amount (taker) is now being matched with the one by maker.
  • Step 2 is swap on going, order is matched your coins will be converted any moment.
  • Trade completed and your newly swapped coins are in your wallet.
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