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Developer team supporting community supporting marketing team - what is the 2020 community goal?

It all started with "if only we could actually make people understand the capacity for kmd to scale..." a comment from discord after a discussion on lending fees during the corona virus crash of crypto earlier this week. We see a roadmap of various technology research, updates and releases planned, but ultimately the discussion came down to what is the point of having the best tech if no-one is using it and it is worth 5 cents per KMD.

The original name of this article was "What is the one KMD team goal for 2020" and really, how can all the community support the team supporting the community achieve this goal?

Komodo has many technical protocol merits, and many unrealized p2p technology killer apps. Resources are run on a shoestring, with several team members running notary nodes to support development. A couple of vocal members from the #talk-trading discord believe there is a disconnect between the dev team and what the world needs.

Linear Blockchain Scaling

Team member polycryptoblog makes a point about the economic argument to linear blockchain scaling without having to pay high fees. Is this the message that needs to get out of the insular komodo community?

I was a part-time collaborator on the komodo team when the Amazon AWS blockchain scaling testing was being done. I wrote a helper web service to co-ordinate blasting the blockchains with transactions that achieved 40,000 payments per second. The community collaboration to achieve this included community, notary operators & team members. More info can be found about the AWS scaling test medium article, or the team page on blockchain scaling to 1 million tx.

The above collaboration allowed the real world use of the burn protocol to more effectively achieve platform syncing between blockchains.

So the question, how can the developer team support the community do some clustering, platform sync & scaling, supporting marketing team to better reach their audience? My suggestion is through the LABS project. This was one of my final assignments I was working on as a liaison engineer when collaborating with Komodo. The goal: to have a weekly reset on a small cluster of chains to show the komodo blockchain capability of scaling.

Look Outside Of Crypto

The discussion continues with poly saying maybe KMD needs to look outside of crypto. I responded with the examples of synthetic positions being developed in 2018 & to the synthetix project which achieves the same but on Ethereum.

The technology is there to build what is on other platforms. Although lacking some accessibility, which is the irony of the Komodo goal to lower barriers to blockchain adoption.

So the question, how can the developer team support the community to collect synthetic prices and trade, supporting marketing team reach outside of crypto?

Rogue Blockchain Game

In the same paragraph linked above, poly mentions that the RogueCC was a good example of both the economic freedom to perform linear blockchain scaling & reach outside of the crypto community with the blockchain Rogue game. Blockbar in The Hague, Netherlands hosted a rogue blockchain meetup to demo it with the Komodo Pioneers. The RogueCC was under such heavy development, the meetup had to start their own fork (highlighting the economic freedom, not the feudal blockchain system described by Komodo CTO) - even with the published instructions, unfortunately, the meetup could not enjoy the turnkey experience of the technology as one would expect.

So the question, how can the developer team support the community to spin up a Rogue game which help in supporting marketing team reach the game developer community? The gaming-sdk in development is likely to be the successor, but currently it is encumbered by a license that is not redistributable by any other developers. This will change, but the gaming sdk is not on the current 2020 roadmap.

Here at ikomodo, we are ready to support antara gaming eagerly! We've had an infographic ready since January in anticipation of release!

Spokesperson Going To Tradeshows

This was another point made early in the discussion by meatspoon who is infamous for his critique of Komodo. To re-iterate it, he made his point again for someone to attend conventions. There is a huge disconnect between the way the world operates and how the KMD peeps think it should operate.

The opinion is that KMD does not do enough or effective business development. The discussion continues, and once again the suggestion to debate Buterin in a celebrity deathmatch style showdown.

So the question, how can the developer team support the community to talk to people about KMD tech supporting marketing team reach a larger audience and create buzz?

Other Suggestions

Other suggestions were made by CrisF including token marketplace, clustering, atomicdex, Pirate, Hush. My contribution is an orderbook web viewer currently at beta.orderbook.live. I have zero expectation of any retweets by the team, because there seems to be no re-tweeting in 2020 of ikomodo community content, and because it's a web demo don't expect any mentions because the dev team does not like javascript because it could lead to security vulnerabilities.

Demo apps are needed for people to show to other people, and those people can show their bosses. Currently there is a beta atomic swap app.

atomic dex orderbook
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