Written by KomoDeFi Editorial Team on November 5, 2021

Chips Blockchain Update - Private tables and Error Handling

Friday Development Update

Hello @everyone

Update on a couple of things we worked on this week.

1. Added a more systematic approach of error handling in bet. So far the error handling mechanisms were implemented for all the player-side functionalities.
2. Added password-based private table setup, where dealers can configure the password in dealer_config.md and share to players, and players use that password(configured in player_setup.md) to join the private tables. Link: https://github.com/chips-blockchain/bet/blob/master/docs/protocol/player_setup.md#joining-the-private-table
3. Satinder provided the precompiled binaries for chips, ln and bet. I tested chips and bet binaries and those are working as expected.
4. Added the guide to download the precompiled binaries and to download the bootstrap node, with this the CHIPS setup on Linux is almost instant. Link: https://github.com/chips-blockchain/bet/blob/master/docs/protocol/release.md 5. Updated bet documentation, doing bet code reviewing and cleaning parallel.
6. We started testing poker with community members, today I tested with Shoshain, this weekend hyperDEX and more community members are joining for testing.

Planned things in the coming weeks:

1. Finishing error handling of remaining modules of bet repo.
2. At the moment we are handling bet backend using multiple threads with mutex'es. I'm going through details about libevent, which is apt for the bet to implement event-based mechanisms. I see adding this will improve more user experience as I can notify & respond to the player at any point in the game & setup.
3. Fixing issues related to multiplayer in the coming weeks while testing(I'll update the issues fixed on week by week).
4. On the CHIPS front, getting new upstream code fully functional and ready.

Note: This weekend, Saturday at 8 AM UTC, we doing the poker testing among community members, interested members can participate.


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