Written by KomoDeFi Editorial Team on November 11, 2021

Chips Blockchain Update - Custom Player Names in GUI

Friday Development Update

Hello @everyone

Update on a couple of things worked on this week.

1. Error handling for the entire bet repo is completed. Addressed all the known possible scenarios.
2. Provided the option to configure BB to the dealer and enforced 200BB as table stack size for every hand, so now at the start of every hand, each player will be having 400 table chips to play.
3. Added support for the customized player names in the BE, the player now can configure the names in the BE at player_config.ini file which can be visible to other players during the gameplay, the corresponding support on GUI is yet to be added, logged the issue regarding the same:
4. Added support to multiple tables, which means players now can choose one dealer from the list of available dealers. Since the GUI support for this is not added yet, the BE now takes the first dealer in the list of available dealers and joins its table. Corresponding GUI issue is here: https://github.com/chips-blockchain/pangea-poker/issues/504
5. Fixed the crashing issues relate to Debian, pushed the corresponding changes.
6. Been exploring the possibility of playing the bet on ln, we got some suggestions from ln dev, so now from windows using Linux shell, I can able to connect to the remote ln node, though it doesn't fully solve the problem we now have at least the possibility of using a bet on windows.

Planned things in the coming weeks:

1. Focus is to fix the remaining logged issues in this week's testing.
2. Getting hands on with libevent code to integrate it into a bet.


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