Written by KomoDeFi Editorial Team on January 11, 2022

AVAX: What is Avalanche

If there was ever a protocol of blockchains that would be anything like Komodo or Verus, it is probably Avalanche at the current time. It is a multi-chain project consisting of a main X-Chain for transactions & creation of tokens as well as the management of the protocol. It is not a blockchain, but a DAG - a different data structure, similar to other behemoths in the crypto space, like Cardano, Nano & IOTA.

avax governance and tokenization dag chain
AVAX X-chain (DAG) for token creation, transactions & governance.

Then there is the C-Chain for smart contracts. It is a copy of the EVM allowing developers to move their projects from Ethereum.

AVAX c-Chain for EVM smart contracts & co-ordination with snowman protocol
AVAX c-Chain for EVM smart contracts and snowman protocol for co-ordination

P-Chain is the third chain in the AVAX network. It is the "platform chain" for enabling organizations to create "subnets". A subnet is a new blockchain that has it's own consensus mechanism, whether it's PoW or PoS. Subnets can also have their own VMs (as in EVM), to run their own set of smart contracts.

AVAX p-Chain for platform subnets
AVAX p-Chain for blockchain subnets

AVAX Subnets

AVAX subnets can be permissionless or permissioned. Sensitive organization data can therefore be shared on the permissioned chain, e.g. payroll or HR info, and the general public data on the permissionless subnets.

AVAX subnets are configurable independently like Komodo Smart Chains.

The information on this page was summarized from the video of AVAX by whiteboard crypto group.

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