Written by KomoDeFi Editorial Team on September 12, 2021

Tokel Talk (First Ever)

I'd like to thank everybody that participated in, and watched the very first Tokel Talk.

This is a must watch if you missed hearing it live!


We had an absolutely fantastic discussion on the future of tokenization. Hear from our special guests:

- Hashratez - Etho Protocol (BPSAA)
- Zullu NFT enthusiast from the Pirate Chain ($ARRR) community
- Andrew who is well versed in economic and public policy from the Pirate Party of Australia team, and
- Ejuliano, NutellaLicka & dreamTim from the Tokel Team.

Topics covered:

- What a token really is; Decentralized, ownership, authentication, identity.
- The problems with legal system accommodation
- The importance of decentralized, public blockchains; "Public blockchains are the neutral arbitrator of business" -HashRatez
- The problems with paper gold and rehypothecation
- Copyright/digital rights management issues that tokenization can help with - Business/enterprise adoption leading the effort to tokenize the world.


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