Written by KomoDeFi Editorial Team on November 23, 2021

Tokel Development - nspv-js

Development update
Hello @everyone !

We are holding a steady course and have released another version of the app with bug fixes. The update is highly recommended, but not mandatory.

Please download the latest version (1.1.3) here


Sprint 10

Activity is not always correct
Wallet always tried to show media if a token URL is present
DateTime issues resolved
Bug with blank screen resolved
Strange transactions shown to the user bug resolved
Returning the correct error when the user tries to send tokens to an R-address instead of a pubkey.
Fixed an issue with sending transactions with decimal values
nspv-js updated to include latest updates from dimxy


  • The version number shown in the dApp
  • Maintenance
  • Automatic release builds (my personal favourite!)
  • Nightly builds
  • Tests included in GitHub actions
  • Organized GitHub actions
  • Setup a standard responsive grid-system we can reuse throughout the app
  • Formik compatible reusable form elements

Extra awesome

nspv-js updated to include latest updates from dimxy

Token Creation Tool first version for internal testing

Still in progress

  • Coin and Token amounts disappear for a short period after sending a token
  • Tokens remain showing in token wallet once sent
  • Login with password instead of WIF to increase security Sprint 11
  • Testing Token Creation Tool
  • Working on what is currently in Progress
  • Improve UX around the UTXO system
  • Planning for website updates
  • Planning for future features - DEX and Token Marketplace
  • More robust validation for Token Creation (ie prevent user from typing more in the supply field than he can afford to spend, etc)
  • E2E tests covering Token Creation (Yes we are that cool, we write tests for our functionality)


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