Written by KomoDeFi Editorial Team on December 13, 2021

Pirate Chain Updates - Code Audit for Treasure Chest Wallet

@everyone The Pirate Chain team has secured a new code security review by an external third party for Treasure Chest Wallet.

Reviews are part of the development process and occur occasionally to ensure that all parts of the code are scrutinized as much as possible.

Read more here: https://pirate.black/code-security-review-pirate-wallet/

Are More Audits Needed?

The short answer is, yes. To complete the audit cycle Pirate Chain needs to undergo one final external audit of its core code. To do this a total of $145,000 is required for cybersecurity experts Halborn to do the review. So far 32% of the total has been already raised.

To contribute to this audit, donate here:https://pirate.black/donations/peer-review-code-audit/

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