Written by KomoDeFi Editorial Team on December 21, 2021

Dissecting an NFT creation transaction part 1

An explorer is a display of the blockchain data structures in somewhat friendly human readable format. The high level cryptography technology employed by Komodo smartchains does require some dissecting to understand what is going on.

This post is the first part of how to read the explorer, and how to understand the technical underpinnings of NFT creation on Tokel's blockchain.

The current balance when the page was rendered by the browser.
The final balance is the current balance when the page was rendered. The total received and sent are the amounts this address has transacted.
For more info about the marker pattern in crypto conditions programming see link.
A single satoshi (0.00000001) of a TOKEL coin was used to create this token. Because 1 satoshi is indivisible, it is unique - hence an NFT - not fungible with any other token created on any blockchain.

Viewing the same NFT from the wallet

The token id is the same as the crypto conditions transaction id at creation.
Crypto conditions is a cryptography tech enhancement to utxo (bitcoin) data structure blockchains. Crypto conditions uses the same asymmetric key technology but with a different signature scheme, and the creator is the "crypto conditions pubkey" for this wallet. Confusing? Read more about crypto conditions in the related article.
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