Written by KomoDeFi Editorial Team on January 8, 2022

Chips Blockchain Update - LibP2P Integration to Solve Dependency Issues

Friday Development Update

Hello @everyone

I'm mainly been working on the following topics:

1. Libp2p integration, which solves the problem of dependency on IP with openDHT(https://github.com/chips-blockchain/bet/issues/285).
2. Understanding and designing the message flow for blackjack.

Planned things in the coming weeks:

1. Work with GUI dev to fix the GUI-related issues.
2. Adding nSPV support to CHIPS.
3. Expose the APIs needed to for blackjack in the backend.

Repos to track our development

GUI - https://github.com/chips-blockchain/pangea-poker
BET - https://github.com/chips-blockchain/bet (master, multiplayer, pred_bet, libevent branches)
CHIPS - https://github.com/chips-blockchain/chipschain (master, dev branches)
Info: WEBSITE - https://chips.cash/
BLOG - https://blog.chips.cash/


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