Written by KomoDeFi Editorial Team on October 30, 2021

Chips Blockchain Update - Command Helps Added

Friday Development Update

Hello @everyone

Update on a couple of things we worked on this week.

1. Added ./bet help detailed examples for every command.
2. Integrated the iniparser from barry's config repo, created ini configuration files for better readability.
3. Added documentation about various components on bet, you can follow the readme, below are some important links. With this one can set up and run their private tables.
Steps to setup player node: https://github.com/chips-blockchain/bet/blob/master/docs/protocol/player_setup.md Steps to setup dealer node: https://github.com/chips-blockchain/bet/blob/master/docs/protocol/dealer_setup.md
4. @Biz made good progress on komodo notarization issue, which he is testing with shoshain.

Planned things in the coming weeks:

1. At the moment we are handling bet backend using multiple threads with mutex'es. I'm going through details about libevent, which is apt for the bet to implement event-based mechanisms. I see adding this will improve more user experience as I can notify & respond to the player at any point in the game & setup.
1. Fixing issues related to multiplayer in the coming weeks while testing(I'll update the issues fixed on week by week).
2. Finding out the details to host a table for community testing, and exploring the possibilities of hosting a small poker tournament within the community.
3. On the CHIPS front, getting new upstream code fully functional and ready.

Repos to track our development

GUI - https://github.com/chips-blockchain/pangea-poker
BET - https://github.com/chips-blockchain/bet (master, multiplayer branches)
CHIPS - https://github.com/chips-blockchain/chipschain (master, dev branches)
Info: WEBSITE - https://chips.cash/
BLOG - https://blog.chips.cash/


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