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The latest release of @AtomicDEX supports $ONE and over a dozen HRC-20 tokens! 💪…

📢@harmonyprotocol has integrated with @AtomicDEX - a leading secure wallet & non-custodial #DEX, powered by @KomodoPlatform

With #AtomicDEX, users can #HODL their assets, bridge between over 10 protocols, and trade all in #ONE app. 🔥🔥

#DeFi #Harmony #HarmonyONE

HT & $HECO are now available on @AtomicDEX! 🎉
See more information about 13 new protocols added:…

Check out what our CTO @0xca333 has to say about @VitalikButerin's thoughts on cross-chain ecosystems.…

Our CTO @0xca333 has written a definition for Hardware wallet for @CoinMarketCap glossary.🥳💱
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.@Cointelegraph covered as well the introduction of new protocols within @AtomicDEX 🪙🥳
Thank you @Bio_Chameleon for reporting! 🥂…

.@ubiqsmart is among 13 new protocols added to @AtomicDEX 🎉
Users on these various chains will now be able to access their cryptocurrencies natively, without the need for wrapped or proxy tokens. 🥳
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$KMD @KomodoPlatform might just solve the problem of interoperability between protocols.

@AtomicDEX - The Ultimate Cross-Chain Swap…

A whole new level of accessibility for users to make quicker and smoother cross-chain and cross-protocol transactions! 🥳
More than 10 protocols added to #AtomicDEX. 🎉
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